Chrissie Wellington

I’ve been working with Heather since 2012. Her mentoring, treatment techniques and strength & conditioning (S&C) knowledge have been fundamental in helping me improve and achieve my ultimate goal to play football at professional level. Ever since turning pro and moving to the US, I have relied even more on Heather’s expertise, and the results I have had speak volumes as to how incredible she is.

Heather helped me make the physical jump from college to professional level in order to compete and also to become one of the best in my team. Last season my counter movement jump numbers, that usually decrease further into the season (due to fatigue), increased as a result of Heather’s work on hip stability rehab – the rest of the team’s numbers decreased. Another great consequence of working with Heather was the lack of injuries. Although I played every minute of every game, and as a centre midfielder, covering the most ground week in week out (confirmed via stats), unlike many teammates, I remained injury free throughout the whole year.

During the last off season I set a goal of decreasing my body fat percentage. Heather sent me for blood tests and, based on the results, she put together a nutrition plan and S&C programme. I went from 18% in November 2019 to 10.8% in March 2020. My body looked very different, I became very lean, quicker on the pitch and a lot stronger – I was able to lift heavier weights and weighed less than I did before!

The only thing I wish I could change is the distance – I am based in the US and Heather is in the UK. The distance didn’t stop her from helping me resolve an Achilles tendon issue thanks to her diagnosis via Facetime. She was able to identify that the issue was caused by an imbalance in the other leg – within a few weeks of performing her specific rehab exercises I was pain free.

I always visit Heather during the off season when I fly back to the UK. She is an unbelievable resource that has made a significant and positive impact on my football career. She is without doubt the best in the business that I have come across, both in the UK and the US and, to top it all off, she is an incredible person.

Marco Micaletto
Professional Football Player Midfielder, Tormenta FC, USA

JP Cronin

JP Cronin

I’m a stuntman for film and TV; the nature of the job means I have to look after my body, fix injuries and try to keep as close to 100% fit as possible. Over the past 5 years I struggled with back pain which would come and go – at its worst it was crippling. There were times I couldn’t move an inch, let alone do my job.

By 2019 I had been through more physical therapists (osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.) than I could count. A friend recommended Heather to me and I couldn’t have been luckier than to find someone who literally wrote ‘the’ book on back pain!

Heather quickly found the root cause of my problem. Her expertise in physical techniques and specific rehab really helped to free up my hips and I saw huge improvements within a few weeks. My lower back is now stronger than ever and I’m ready to be thrown down a set of stairs any day of the week!

Heather is an amazing person and I will always recommend her to anyone I know who has an injury – or even those that don’t, from a prevention point of view.

Jonny James
Stunt Performer – Film and TV

JP Cronin

Heather has treated me for many years now. I am a stunt performer and seem to spend my life rehabbing old injuries while managing new ones. Heather has skills that I cannot find anywhere else and she is a very important member of my team that keeps me active and able to work at the high intensity that my job asks of me.

Heather is extremely professional and goes above and beyond, to make sure I am movie fit as quickly as I can be. I highly recommend Heather and the fantastic skills she has in her war chest; she really is one of a kind.

Ben Wright
Stunt Performer – Movies and TV

Chrissie Wellington

I met Heather in Kona, Hawaii at the Ironman World Championship. I wasn’t competing but I had issues in my hips and was lucky to be treated by her a few times and again back in the UK. Heather is a phenomenal practitioner, and an equally phenomenal person. She’s patient, caring and thorough and brings a wealth of experience in working with athletes of all abilities. She always explains exactly what she is doing so that you're empowered to understand your own body just that little bit more, and take control of your own training and recovery. Heather is second to none in the field of ART/Sports Therapy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Chrissie Wellington
4 x Ironman World Champion

Nick Mitchell

I am in the highly fortunate position to be able to recommend Heather from two different perspectives. Every week I reap the massive rewards of her personally treating me with ART - it is something I never miss, and after 25 years of training it keeps me healthy and whole despite sometimes lifting crazily heavy weights up to 12 times a week!

Heather also treats clients at my gym, the largest serious personal training venue in the UK, since 2009 and is highly regarded by clients and trainers alike for her helpful, always positive attitude and endless array of ART skills.

Nick Mitchell

George Knight

I can honestly say that i've been put through countless amount of physiotherapists but none have come close to the ability and effort of Heather Pearson. As a young aspiring footballer about to attend a scholarship in America, it’s been a great privilege getting to know and work with Heather over the past few years. Heather has not only transformed my physique through her football specific strength and conditioning programmes but she has fixed countless injuries that have arisen, making me pain free and fit for every one of my major commitments in competitive football.

I was always quite nervous when playing football at a young age due to a chronic knee injury (Osgood Schlatters), I played with the thought of injuring myself further. However, after working with Heather I've boosted my self-esteem and confidence knowing that any problem could be fixed. I would strongly recommend Heather to any athlete desperate to be pain free, you will find no one better.

George Knight
Football player (Defender), Bradfield FC

John Fletcher

In the four years that I have known Heather, I have constantly been back and forth from the USA. Without her guidance and support I would not have been able to achieve the level of success that I have to date. Heather has helped me rehab injuries from a mild hamstring strain to a torn groin!

Her approach is completely unique, and fills me with confidence that she can get me back to full fitness in the shortest time possible. I don't feel comfortable working with anybody else, as i know Heather covers my Nutritional, Physical and Pyschological Health.

John Fletcher
Centre Half, Ocean City FC, USL Pro League, USA

Derek Woodske

As a former professional track and field athlete and coach I have the pleasure to work with therapists all over the world. I recently had the opportunity to work with Heather Pearson while coaching in Halmstad, Sweden and the treatment that she provided for an injured shoulder that I had been struggling with was fantastic. My pain was decreased dramatically in our first visit and mobility and range returned to a pre injury state! I highly recommend Heather, if you are struggling to return to the field or life due to an injury that you simply cannot find relief from.

Derek Woodske
NFL S&C Coach & Sports Performance Consultant
Former Olympic Athlete: Canadian National Team

Lisa Hawkins

I saw Heather after I confirmed a rotator cuff issue via ultrasound, I had not been able to train for 4 months and had trouble putting a jacket on and even carrying a bar on my shoulders.

I'd had numerous treatments with osteopaths but there was no improvement and was unable to train and prep for my next comp. After a few weeks of treatment I was pain free and able to start training again. I followed the rehabiliation exercises she gave me and was able to compete later that year completely pain free. I was really impressed with her knowledge and the fact that each treatment was followed up with rehabilitation exercises to help fix the cause of problem and strengthen what was needed.

I was also suffering with back pain with training squats and deadlifts but Heather fixed that too so I am also pain free in my lower back.

Following the treatments on and off over the past 3 years I can say that I am much stronger, suffer from less injuries and overall I am more structurally balanced. Training for physique competitions is tough on the body and I have managed to keep injuries at bay thanks to Heather.

I am extremely grateful to Heather and found her kind and very knowledgeable with regards to treating my injuries while still trying to maintain such a high training volume.

Lisa Hawkins
Personal Trainer / Director Lisa Cunningham PT
UFE Figure and Fitness model

Victor 'Speedy' Osobu

When I was a semi-pro, I had been suffering with Osgood Schlatters in my left knee for a few years by the time I met Heather in 2007. I was in horrible pain after every game and it was affecting me outside of football. I was told all I could do was ice and take painkillers and I thought my dreams of playing professionally were over. Heather had this magic treatment called ART and after a few weeks I was pain free.

Now I play professionally in Malta and again more recently I visited Heather in London after suffering a knee injury abroad. Heather increased my range of motion from 60% to 100% in just 2 sessions and I was pain free again before I flew back to Malta. I will continue to visit Heather whenever I'm back in London for specialist treatment or just for maintenance as she is a professional, top class Sports Therapist.

Victor 'Speedy' Osobu
Winger, Mosta FC, BOV Div 1, Malta

Jerome Kumedzina

As a member of the Fire Brigade and an active member of the England Southern Regional Karate Squad, my body is under constant physical pressure. An ankle injury forced me to look into Sports Therapy treatment. Heather treated my ankle, and gave me advice on appropriate stretches and exercises to aid recovery. My ankle has not been a problem since. I continue to see Heather on a fortnightly basis, as the benefits of Sports Therapy are undeniable. I am grateful for her advice and support.

Heather is a sincere, knowledgeable therapist who I continually recommend.

Jerome Kumedzina
England Southern Regional Karate Squad
Bronze World Medalist, 6 x British Champion

Ryan Upward

Last year I played for Wycombe Wanderers and toward the end of the season I had twinges in my left knee. This season (2010-2011) I've played for Chelsea AW College and Flackwell Heath and the twinges turned into pain. Eventually the knee pain became constant and got pain worse the more I played. I saw a local physiotherapist and was told it was a common knee issue called Osgood Schlatters and there was no treatment/cure other than rest and ice. After seeing a number of other physiotherapists who told me the same thing I decided I had to live with the pain.

By February the pain had become unbearable and I had to stop playing. Around the same time I was introduced to Heather who told me she could treat me with a technique called ART. I couldn't believe the difference after a few sessions and after 6 treatments I was more or less pain free. Heather got me playing again and continued to treat and monitor me through to the end of the season and by that time I was playing pain free. Heather is very committed to her clients and I wish more footballers and athletes knew about her 'special' technique as it fixes injuries that other therapists think can't be fixed!

Ryan Upward
Striker, Beaconsfield FC, 1st team

Shaun Stafford

Heather is one of the best therapists I have ever come across. She has not only helped me personally, but has done some amazing work on dozens of my clients! Heather has helped keep me stay injury free whilst training for a national title, allowing me to endure a rigorous training schedule right upto the competition day.

With Heather's magic ART hands, I feel that I am the best shape I have ever been. She is a true gem, and a fixture in my 'training toolbox' for every competition I enter! I cannot recommend her highly enough!' Heather is immensely knowledgeable and always tries to stay on the cutting edge which is a genuine credit to someone in her profession.

Shaun Stafford
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Joe Hatcher

In May 2009 I tore a hamstring I'd previously torn in 2005. I saw countless physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths on and off for 5 years from the original injury. When I was introduced to Heather during the 2010-2011 season, I was playing football at 40% of my potential due to the hamstring tears. Heather told me that my whole hip complex was imbalanced and dysfunctional and that I had accumulated a considerable amount of scar tissue in a number of areas. She used a treatment called ART which stripped away at the scar tissue and with her specific rehab exercises alongside a nutrition programme and weight training schedule, I was fully fit and playing at 100% by the end of the season.

With a new football contract for 2011-12, I feel fitter and stronger on the pitch than ever and can't thank Heather enough for getting my football 'mojo' back and overall positive lifestyle transformation!

Joe Hatcher
Defender, Windsor FC

Justin Maguire

Before I met Heather I had never experienced ART. With her rehabilitation exercises along with ART treatment, I have increased my range of motion in various joints as well as improved functional movement, an imperative factor of bodybuilding training.

Heather has specifically worked on improving my range of motion in my medial shoulder rotators that lead to an increase in my bench press. Heather's indepth knowledge of anatomy has inspired me to better my own knowledge as a Strength Coach.

Justin Maguire aka 'The Hulk'
Strength Coach & Super Heavyweight Bodybuilder

Chris Boothe and Hanwell Town Football club

Heather joined the staff of Hanwell Town Football club toward the end of the 06/07 season and continued through the whole of the 07/08 season.

I would go as far as to say, Heather was one of my most inspired signings as Manager of the club. Not only did Heather bring a great deal of knowledge in her role as physiotherapist / trainer, she brought enthusiasm and dedication beyond the call of duty throughout our time working together. No matter how busy her daily schedule was, Heather would always endeavour to speak to or see somebody who needed treatment even if it meant seeing them at her private clinic away from the club.

Heather delivered countless training sessions with the players to improve their fitness and stamina. The impact of this was most demonstrable whereby the team finished games far stronger than their opponents. When handing out rehabilitation programmes to players, Heather would explain in fine detail why she has done so. I believe this helped the players understand more about their bodies and why they needed to undertake specific regimes to aid or speed up their recovery. Having suffered a bad back and shoulderfor 6 years, Heather has afforded me specific treatment and advice on numerous occasions to help managemy ailments to great effect.

Heather has great understanding and knowledge in her field and she will do her utmost to benefit any individual whether it be treating an injury or delivering a specific fitness programme.

Chris Boothe
First Team Manager,
Chris Booth Football Club 2007/2008

Mark Coles

I approached Heather following an injury where I prolapsed a disk at L5, S1. I had originally been to see a specialist who suggested that I went in for an operation. I had also been told by 2 osteopaths and a local physiotherapist I would most like need surgery. Not wanting to go down that route, I called Heather, as having met her at various courses and being aware of her outstanding work, I knew I needed to get in touch. Heather kindly came up to treat me to have my first session of treatment with her and almost immediately I had relief from pain that had been crippling me for 4 weeks. When she walked in I was limping and by the time she had finished I was walking normally.

Heather reassured me that I needed to start doing rehab work in the gym (contrary to the advice I'd been given by other therapists to avoid any exercise at all) and wrote me a specific 8 week rehab programme and monitored my weight training programme for the following 8-12 weeks. Very quickly my pain disappeared and my flexibility and strength started to come back and I was able to do day to day tasks that I took for granted. As a result of the work that Heather did, I went on to not only recovery fully but I have recently beaten my personal best in the front squat. Being able to lift heavy is the best part of my rehab, especially when the doctor said I would never squat again.

Heather played a huge part in my recovery process and I cannot thank her enough for her knowledge, support and skill.

Mark Coles
Strength Coach and Fat Loss Specialist / Director M10 Fitness Ltd

Chris Heron

I was first treated by Heather on a course in Sweden and from the start I knew she was fantastic at her craft. Having been in the fitness industry for 15 years I have been treated by many different therapists and I found Heather's approach far superior to others in the industry. Heather is a real student of the industry and continues to educate herself, which is always a great sign of A-list Therapist. Heather works with my clients on so many different issues, from poor NHS Physiotherapy service, poor posture amongst others. I would highly recommend Heather, she'll quickly know what needs to be done and will get it done quickly!

Chris Heron
Director & Fitness Model, Shaping Change Limited

Howard Pearson

Meeting Heather couldn't have come at a better time. It was perhaps inevitable that after 30 years of training and competitive sport that I may experience some issues with my body. A nasty tear into the deep muscles around the pec and shoulder meant that potentially I was unable to do any serious training. With Heather's help I not only healed, but was able to maintain my training throughout the treatment, minimizing any loss of muscle mass. Her treatment helped keep me in good condition going into this years season of competitive Natural Bodybuilding, with the result of an invite to the British Finals.

Thanks to Heather and her ART treatments I have been able to realize my goals and move forward knowing I have that back up should further problems arise.

Howard Pearson
Natural Bodybuilder

David Howell and Harrow Borough Football Club

Heather started working with my team towards the end of the 04/05 football season and was initially applying her sports massage skills on training nights and match days. However, it wasn't long before she was involved in assisting my Physiotherapist in the diagnosing and treatment of injuries whilst working with players and their rehabilitation programmes.

I am grateful that Heather decided to carry on working with Harrow Borough FC for the 05/06 and 06/07 campaign as her professionalism and dedication to her work is exemplary.

David Howell
Harrow Borough Football Club, First Team Manager

Brian Fogarty

In the build up to the biggest race of my life at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, I was feeling great when suddenly after some light training I started to get some worrying pain in my knee. The pain was so much that I couldn't walk properly and I just couldn't figure it out. By chance I came across Heather who was part of the ART team treating people before the big race. The way Heather was able to diagnose and treat my injury was very impressive and she was very confident the problem was referring from my hip. If I'm honest at the time I wasn't so sure. To my amazement after the treatment and rehab work she did I was immediately better. I continued with the exercises Heather prescribed and the morning after I was completely pain free!!

I owe Heather so much, because of her skills I was able to race completely pain free and do myself justice on the big day.

Brian Fogarty
Director, Ironman Competitor

JP Cronin

JP Cronin

In November of 2013 I was really enjoying my training when, a slip of concentration whilst benching and I felt a little crunch and immediate pain, I stupidly continued with my session.

The next day I was in considerably more pain than the previous day and 6 weeks later I was in constant pain and then suffered pain in BOTH shoulders, unable to get under a bar to squat, unable to do any pulling exercise or pressing anything at any angle and worst of all unable to pick up and hold my own 5 month old son. It got so bad that I was being woken up in my sleep with deep throbbing pain in whatever shoulder I was lying on and I was starting to get pain in my right bicep as well., everything I did became an operation in avoiding pain, I literally adapted everything in my life around my injured shoulders.

After 4 weeks I finally decided that it was not going to resolve itself and tried Sports Massage, Accupuncture and Accupressure Massage all to no avail, a further 4 weeks in and eventually in chronic pain and eating NSAIDs like candy I figured it was serious enough to call in the big guns and I contacted Heather Pearson.

Even though she couldn't fit me in for a couple of weeks as it was Christmas she suggested some rehabilitation movements which almost straight away began to have a positive effect, we'd met previously on a course where she'd treated an issue with my knee and I had been immediately impressed with her knowledge and skills so I knew if anyone could help me she'd be my best bet. After she assessed me she determined I had some pretty serious bi-lateral weaknesses in both shoulder external rotators and also very weak lower trapezius muscles, basically the musculature around my scapulae wasn't doing what it was supposed to and my shoulders were very unstable as a result.

From the get go I felt very confident with the process and knew I'd made the right decision, initially I had two ART sessions, and a further session when I was almost fully recovered (due to a little overconfidence on a wakeboard). ART in my opinion is soft tissue black magic which Heather teaches and is very competent in it’s use, alongside this Heather prescribed a course of rehabilitation exercises, monitoring and adjusting them throughout as necessary, I knew if I needed to I could ask questions and she would be happy to answer.

I had a total of 16 weeks off from full training and with Heather's help I was able to reintroduce hard training to allow me to get myself back in shape very quickly and to top that my shoulders now both feel bullet proof. If it wasn't for Heather I would probably still be struggling to take care of the simplest of tasks but I can now enjoy pushing my limits in the gym and wrestling with my little boy and pick him up with no fear of dropping him.

JP Cronin
Personal Trainer,
Ex Professional Snowboarder National