Having known Tom Crudington, founder of Body Development, for many years, Tom asked our founder Heather to teach the Sunday morning soft tissue workshop at the Body Development Mentorship Programme in the spring of 2013.

The 2 day course runs over a weekend and is for well educated Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches and is packed full of multiple training sessions, nutritional talks, business lectures, personal training elements (fitness assessments, body composition, periodization) and a soft tissue workshop. The training sessions themselves include of group training programmes, dynamic rolling techniques, gymnastic strength programmes, indian club techniques.

a groupd photograph including Heather Pearson and
                     Tom Crudington

Heather Pearson with Tom Crudington (founder BD) and staff, September 2014

Heather teaches for two hours on the Sunday morning of the course, which consists of basic soft tissue treatments, whole body anatomy, biomechanics in movement and various aspects of muscle activation. All the elements in the soft tissue workshop are for trainers to apply instantaneously pre, during or post client workouts.

Heather Pearson teaching a group of physical therapists

Heather Pearson teaching shoulder biomechanics to PT's, May 2013

See the link below or more information about the Body Development Mentorship Programme.