After many years of practicing ART®, Heather Pearson attended a re-certification course in Italy. The other course participants were all Italian so the course Instructor asked if she could teach the course in Italian. Heather didn’t mind at all as it was only a re-cert and then ended up helping the other course participants with each release even though they only spoke in Italian!

Heather Pearson teaching a group of physical therapists

Heather teaching lower body ART to various therapists (chiropractors, physiotherapists etc) and personal trainers at Tottenham Hotspur FC

The course Instructor was so impressed by Heather’s patience and ability to teach especially in another language that Heather was asked to become an Instructor that same day. Shortly after that Heather joined the ART Europe team and has taught courses all over the UK and Ireland.

ART courses usually run over 4 days, 3 days teaching with the 4th day for the exams. Each student has their learning materials (DVD, Manual) sent prior to each course for pre course learning. During courses, each protocol is viewed in the group on a large projector and the Instructors discuss each muscle/structure individually whilst giving their own experiences with those specific releases. Instructors then work with students in smaller groups performing each protocol on every course participant and vice versa.

a group photograph of ART instructors

ART Europe Instructor Team, Dublin 2012

Heather always gives a variety of tips and examples of injury scenario’s to course participants as much as possible in addition to teaching ART itself and she finds teaching thoroughly enjoyable. Heather is the only female UK Instructor and one of three ART® Instructors that teach in and around the UK.

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