Ultrasound is a form of electrotherapy that uses high frequency sound waves to produce micro-elements of heat that can reduce pain by inducing blood flow to the injured area and reduce edema and swelling. It has been used been used by therapists over the last 50 years to treat soft tissue injuries.

ultrasound machine

The use of ultrasound is a great tool for particular soft tissue injuries such as bursitis, tendonitis and ligament sprains as well as arthritis as it can penetrate heat upto 4 inches below the skin. Ultrasound treatments usually only last for a period of 5-10 minutes and is used in conjunction with other techniques.

The ultrasonic waves are produced by means of mechanical vibration of the metal treatment head of the ultrasound machine. This treatment head is then moved slowly over the surface of the skin in the region of the injury. When sound waves come into contact with air it causes a dissipation of the waves, and so a special ultrasound gel is placed on the skin to ensure maximal contact between the treatment head and the surface of the skin.

Ultrasound is an unobtrusive treatment that can also break down scar tissue, reduce chronic swelling and enhance the body’s own natural healing process.