2 images - a lady receives treatment to her shoulder and a Trigenics demonstration in a gym

Trigenics® is simply a way of activating soft/muscle tissue via functional neurology. It can help accelerate strength and flexibility to improve and/or eliminate muscular dysfunction. This means it can be used for an old injury where a muscle has become weak over time or where general posture has digressed or simply to activate ‘lazy’ tissue to improve joint function. It can be used in conjunction with a rehabilitation programme and is extremely beneficial when used in a training environment.

Who can benefit from Trigenics®?

Trigenics® has been found to benefit a wide assortment of patients, including those that are focused on athletic performance enhancement. The aim of Trigenics® is to remove restrictive barriers of movement in the body and to reset, restore and optimise normal myoneural physiology.

Trigenics® is proving to be revolutionary in the athletic world for sports performance enhancement. However, whether you’re an athlete or not most sports injuries respond incredibly well to Trigenics®. Common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, pelvic or sacroiliac strains, including old rotator cuff injuries, calf strains etc can be treated effectively. Range-of-motion, strengthening and lengthening exercises are also employed post treatment.

How does Trigenics® work?

When muscles undergo stress or injury, their sensors stop sending proper nerve reflex signals to the brain. Due to the lack of signals these muscles then become ‘neurologically’ short or weak causing improper joint movement. When muscles are in this shortened or weak state, they will not strengthen or stretch fully even with exercise which can lead to dysfunction in muscles and eventually pain and/or injury.

With specific strength and flexibility tests, Trigenics® can reset your nervous system so the brain can regain efficient communication to your body for correct muscular function.

What is a Trigenics® treatment like?

After your initial case history is taken, specific strength and stretch (similar to range of motion) tests are undertaken to diagnose which area or areas need treatment. A specific type of palpation is used alongside a simple breathing method to reset the neurological pathways to the brain. The strength and/or stretch tests are then re-tested to verify a positive change.

Trigenics® can be used in the second stage of healing after injury and may be greatly beneficial when used in conjunction other techniques such as ART or Sports Massage.

What is the history of Trigenics®

The original essence of Trigenics® began in the 1980s when Estonian Canadian Chiropractor Dr. Allan Oolo Austin began to experiment with combining his knowledge of soft tissue rehabilitation, acupressure and breath therapy into one synergistic treatment. The current treatment system of Trigenics® originated in Los Angeles in 1994 when Dr. Austin further developed the Trigenics® concept by combining his original findings with more current advances in musculoskeletal exercise and rehabilitation neurophysiology. He then developed completely new and unique concepts of functional neurology, which he finally combined with the other procedures to create a completely different, highly advanced form of neuro-manual full-body assessment and treatment.

Since the year 2000 over 2000 doctors and therapists have taken the Trigenics® RTP programme in Canada, America, Australia and Europe.