2 images - an X-Ray illustration of a running man and a relaxed head of a man receiving Fascial Stretch Therapy

Stretch to Win® is a Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), an ingenious system of stretching muscles, joints and predominantly fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that connects muscle-to-muscle, muscle to other structures and generally intertwines it’s way throughout our whole body. By releasing all soft tissue structures via this science based, flexibility programme, amazing results can be achieved to reach optimal muscle and joint function for sports performance or daily function.

Who can benefit from an FST treatment?

FST was designed primarily for elite and aspiring athletes to help improve performance and assist with injury prevention.  However, great results are attained with non-athletic patients including those who have suffered strokes, chronic back/hip pain and an array of muscle and joint injuries and conditions.

FST can be used prior to competitive sport or as part of the upkeep of healthy, flexible muscles and joints for sports performance. The systems can also assist healing of chronic injuries particularly when used in conjunction with other manipulation techniques such as ART® or Sports Massage.

How does it work?

The stretches work on the layers of fascia i.e. the deepest layers are stretched first via joint movement and then the more superficial layers of fascia are stretched afterwards. The stretches also follow a programme that consists of gentle circular movements (which lubricates the joint) and tractioning (a gentle de-compression movement which relieves nerves, fascial pressure around a joint and its capsule).

This anatomical order of stretching uses multiple planes of movement for every joint and when used with synchronized breathing, it allows the nervous system to ‘disarm’ and subsequently permits the layers of fascia and myofascia (muscle fascia) to relax and release. This release produces an increased range of movement without pain.

What can I expect from an FST treatment?

Every FST session involves taking case history as well as a personal assessment, which dictates the period of time and specific movements the therapist may require on each area while one leg is stabilized via the use of straps. You’ll be required to breath at certain intervals and give feedback where deemed necessary. Each treatment is pain free and should leave you feeling relaxed as well as providing an increased joint range of movement!

It is a usual requirement to adhere to specific home stretches in order to maintain the improved range of movement. These stretches are provided at the end of the treatment session.

How was FST™ created?

After 15 years of working with athletes, in 1996 Ann and Chris Fredericks opened the Stretch to Win Institute in Tempe, Arizona. FST was founded by Ann Fredericks in the mid 90’s, having studied, performed, and taught movement through multiple dance disciplines. After completing her master's thesis in 1997, Ann established that her stretching technique outperformed conventional methods with lasting flexibility gains of 36 to 52 percent. Ann continually refined and improved these techniques, which ultimately developed into Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Today, professional athletes and Olympians from all over the world use this system to achieve higher levels of performance.