Biosignature Modulation

Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach, Charles Poliquin created the Biosignature Modulation after years of collating data from elite athletes. Having trained a myriad Olympic medalists for over 30 years, Poliquin analysed years worth of data and subsequently devised the Biosignature Modulation.

body fat measurement calipers in case

The primary part of the system is advanced body fat measurements that dictate where you store body fat directly corresponds with your hormonal outline or personal signature. The second part of the system involves potential solutions to whatever hormonal issues arise in order to improve daily physiological function.

What does a Biosignature Modulation consult involve?

A consult can take upto 90 minutes and involves 12 body fat measurements and also filling out a lengthy questionnaire together with your practitioner. It is essential to provide information about your diet, sleep, lifestyle and exercise in order for your practitioner to analyse your individual data. The information you provide along with your body fat measurements will enable your practitioner to identify hormonal issues and devise a programme to resolve any imbalances. This programme may require dietary and supplementation alterations, exercise modifications and lifestyle changes.

When do I require a follow-up Biosignature assessment?

We usually suggest that you have a follow-up within 2-3 weeks of your initial Biosignature consultation. This provides enough time to allow for your body’s physiological response. Your bodyfat is re-measured to identify your progress and to formulate an amended programme to continue resolving hormonal issues. Further follow-ups may be required at regular intervals to continue progress.

What are hormone imbalances?

The endocrine system is a structure of glands that secrete hormones to regulate bodily function. These functions include metabolism, tissue growth, development and mood. Hormone imbalances can be caused by numerous reasons such as a lack of sleep, over use of medication including NSAIDS, unhealthy diets and various contraceptives. The outcome of these causes can produce numerous physiological issues and conditions such as insomnia, hypothyroidism (over active thyroid), diabetes (type 2), increased pre-menstrual tension and unexplained weight gain, amongst others.

The Biosignature Modulation can detect where these imbalances are and how to set about restoring balance via a programme of diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes.