Adam McCubbin, Strength Coach, (sponsored by My protein), Dubai, UAE. This podcast relates to personal trainers, strength coaches and anyone who performs weight training. Adam discusses various topics on injuries including treatments, rehabilitation exercises, exercise adherence and injury prevention. (90 minutes)

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Muscles to the Masses PODCAST

Muscles to the Masses podcast series on muscles, movement recovery and fitness with Julie Read, Strength Coach, Philadelphia, USA. This podcast with Julie discusses various aspects of injury prevention, recovery methods, treatments for injuries and tips on back pain. (52 minutes)

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Feel Great PODCAST

Feel Great Podcast Series, Episode 5 with Emmie Faust, London, UK. Julie discusses tips on back pain, core work, how to stay healthy at work and nutritional tips. This podcast series caters for members of the general public especially working mothers. (18 minutes)

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Back Pain Liberation PODCAST

Back Pain Liberation Podcast Series, Episode 26 with Iain Barker, back pain blogger, Pitea, Sweden. This podcast is about all aspects of back pain. Iain discusses how Heather Pearson got into the health and fitness industry via a traumatic car accident and how she diagnoses and resolves back pain. Split into 4 episodes. (30 minutes)

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In this podcast, Jamie talks to Heather about how she motivates clients to carry out rehab exercises during their daily life and the tips and tricks she uses to get results. They discuss the three main causes of back pain – weakness in the glutes, hamstrings and the core (or a combination of these three)and the relationship between sedentary lifestyles and back pain. (23 minutes)

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