HEATHER PEARSON - Founder of 1Body4Life

Heather Pearson, Msc ST MSMA

In 2001 Heather was involved in a traumatic car crash where she sustained several severe injuries. Muscular trauma affected half her body, which led to severe dysfunction in her spine and other joints as well as multiple trapped nerves and a 3-year battle against daily headaches and migraines; it was a long list. Heather was on prescribed medication for numerous years alongside a rather lengthy rehabilitation programme that took even longer. The pain was so bad at times that it was difficult for Heather to walk just a few feet, living had become a nightmare.

For 12 months Heather received treatment from a variety of therapists, that she would call ‘not great’. It was a depressing time particularly as she’d had to give up all her likes and hobbies; martial arts, running, dj’ing and weight training.

A year after the accident, Heather was recommended to see a Cranial Osteopath who not only helped her regain the fluidity in her spine but also suggested she changed industry from working in TV to becoming a personal trainer. As Heather had always been a passionate fitness fanatic, if she couldn’t be active herself, being in the environment could put a smile on her face plus she’d learn about the body from a physiological point of view and understand more about her injuries.

Subsequently, 18 months later Heather attended numerous intense courses and qualified as a Personal Trainer and she continued studying to become a Sports Therapist. Shortly after Heather founded 1body4life.

It was apparent the more Heather learnt to fix herself, the more she could help others. Heather also started working in semi-professional football as their soft tissue rehabilitation specialist, which further enhanced her ability to help athletes achieve quicker results. Learning a specialist treatment called ART® (Active Release Techniques) was the icing on the cake, the treatment was like magic and cured many of her own injuries.

2 images of Heather Pearson teaching groups of athletes and therapists

Heather teaching ART to therapists and trainers at Tottenham Hotspur FC 2015

Almost 10 years on, Heather has travelled the world to study under the most elite Therapists, Strength Coaches and Nutritionists in the industry to equip herself with as many tools in the box as possible that provide the most effective results. Over the last 6 years Heather has voluntarily given lectures to various athletic teams, and fitness colleges in subjects related to sport, nutrition and preventative methods for injuries.

Heather regularly uses her own experience of injury rehabilitation and believes it gives her an added advantage over other therapists. As she is a fully qualified Strength Trainer, Heather is able to prescribe a detailed exercise programme for an elite athlete as well as the necessary supplementation to enhance performance.

With her knowledge of strength and conditioning via world renowned Charles Poliquin, Heather has become an established name in the world of strength training, particularly working in her other clinic; Ultimate Performance near Liverpool St.  Heather regularly liaises with Strength Coaches and their clients and athletes providing ART® treatment and other specialist knowledge and advice.

Due to her continued studies in ART® Heather has resolved injuries and conditions such as bells palsy, osgood schlatters, vertigo, plantafacitis, neck pain, tennis and golfers elbow, back pain, post fractures, rotator cuff tears, post surgery scar tissue and injured stroke patients.

To date, Heather has become a successful household name particularly with regard to ART® in the UK and as such was invited to become an ART® Instructor and now has the privilege of teaching other therapists that want to learn ART® as well medical staff in Premiership Football.

Recommendations have reached afar so that Heather has clients from all over the country as well as all over London and even some that have travelled across the seas. Although Heather’s specialty sport is football, she treats athletes in various sports including boxing, martial arts, rugby, track and field, MMA, bodybuilding, cricket, golf and swimming.

Heather is now pain free with the aid of regular ART® treatment and lives a healthy life of weight training and cycling. After her traumatic years of pain and rehabilitation Heather is extremely passionate about helping others so much so that she prides herself on ‘fixing’ injuries in the shortest time possible and owes that to her continuing studies.


  • Integrated Brain Therapy Body
  • Integrated Brain Therapy Eyes
  • Integrated Brain Therapy Brain
  • Integrated Brain Therapy TBI/Concussion
  • ICANS Level 1
  • Musclenerd Level 1
  • Musclenerds Level 2
  • Internship Dr Serrano, Ohio 2017
  • ART Level 2 Spine, 2017, 2017
  • ART Level 2 Lower
  • Internship Dr Serrano, Ohio 2016
  • Functional Range Release
  • Spinal Manipulations - OMT
  • Advanced Spinal Manipulations - OMT
  • Masters Degree (MSc) Exercise & Nutrition Science
  • ART®: Complex Protocols**
  • ART®: Masters: 2009, 2016**
  • ART®: Active Palpation**
  • ART®: Long Tract Nerve**
  • ART®: Spine**
  • ART®: Upper Extremity**
  • ART®: Lower Extremity**
  • Functional Intergrated Needling - Sports Injury Management
  • Stretch to Win - FST: Level 1
  • Trigenics® - Upper Extremity
  • Biosignature Level l 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Biosignature Level 2 2008, 2009
  • PICP* Strength & Conditioning for Football
  • PICP* level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • PICP* level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • PICP* level 3 Strength & Conditioning Coach (Tasks & Full certification)
  • Diploma in Sports Therapy (Injury Rehabilitation)
  • Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • Diploma in Body Massage
  • IASTM (K Tools) Sport Injuries
  • PIMST (Poliquin Instant Muscle Strength Techniques) : 2007 & 2008
  • Muscle Activation Techniques: Jumpstart 1 & 2
  • Masters Diploma: Personal Training
  • Diploma in Advanced Personal Training: Advanced Functional Training & Corrective Posture
  • Diploma in Sports Massage
  • First Aid at work - full certificate (updated 2014)
  • Taping & Strapping
  • REPs: Personal Training Diploma - Level 3
  • Diploma in Nutrition for Health & Fitness
  • Ultrasound Electrotherapy
  • Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
  • Circuit Training
  • Reiki Therapy - Level 1
**ART® - Active Release Techniques®
*PICP - Poliquin International Certification Programme