Whether you’re an amateur, semi-professional or elite athlete, you’ll know that performance comes in a package. This package includes sports specific training, sport nutrition and supplementation, an appropriate weight training programme, diverse physical therapists and the involvement of sports psychology.

2 images - Heather Pearson with Justin Maguire, Heather treating a footballer's knee

Usually the more elite the athlete, the bigger the package but even as an amateur athlete you have to look after your body. Whether it be drinking enough water for hydration, knowing the appriopriate stretches after competition or eating the right amount of protein for your bodyweight, there are basics that should be adhered to for optimum performance.

For any athlete there are many factors that impact performance such as anxiety, muscular tightness, de-hydration, stress, injuries, disturbed sleep or even a lack of basic supplementation as simple as a vitamin tablet. There are numerous methods to repair these obstacles, one of which is the use of sports psychology. Psychological tools have statistically proven to help improve performance in a variety of areas.

2 images of the Olympic boxer Darren Sutherland

The late Darren Sutherland, Super Middleweight Professional Boxer

Another way to enhance sports performance is via the implementation of sports supplements and a suitable nutrition plan. Did you know that a strength and conditioning programme consisting of specific weight training exercises used in a particular order could increase your speed and vertical jump?

Whether your goal is to return from injury, increase your power or strength, fix your sleep, increase your confidence for competition or simply to provide the relevant nutrients to your physiology for sport, we aim to get you there as quickly and efficiently possible!