1body4life is an established business practicing in West London (near Ealing). We are the only practice that provides specialist treatments with Strength Training, Nutrition and Sports Psychology.


At 1body4life our approach differs from other therapists and trainers as we are able to combine multiple services of the highest standards. Not only does this produce quicker and more effective results but we try to educate our clients so they’re equipped with knowledge for permanent effects. Reducing the risk of injury is a necessity for anyone who is involved in physical activity and as we all know, prevention is better than cure!

2 images - an elderly lady holds her forearm and 3 rugby players during a match

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Most clients do not realise how important diet can be with regard to fixing an injury or restoring function, as we like to call it. For instance, water intake is extremely important with back and neck issues. The intervertebral discs (the doughnut shaped sponges inbetween the bones in your spine!) need water every day so if you’re de-hydrated your back pain could worsen. Having a positive attitude is key to the healing process and the specific order of an exercise programme directly correlates to enhanced performance in sport or general exercise.


All sessions have specified times; All treatments are 30 minutes except Sports Massage is 30 or 60 minutes, Strength Training is 60 minutes and a Biosignature or Sports Psychology consult lasts for 90 minutes.

We won’t just give you a piece of paper with some exercises on it, we’ll explain everything in detail. Sometimes you may need to bring copy reports for MRI scans and X-rays but diagnosis and treatment is carried out within the same session. For more detailed information please view the individual services pages.


We won’t sell you a block of 10 sessions if we can fix you in 4! Every strength training programme is catered for individual requirement and we’ll look at all aspects of your range of motion as well as diet to further enhance your athletic performance. We’ll provide the necessary rehabilitation exercises for you to go home with and fully explain why, so you understand why you’re injured and how we can help you recover.

Education is key! The more we educate ourselves from the worldwide elite, the more we can help you achieve your goals in athletic performance, pain free living and general health and wellbeing.